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Save on IT

''In Pursuit of Your Trust''!  Yes, we'll happily help you make ''CENSS'' (sense) of IT!

As a valued member of TCCC, it'll be our pleasure to offer you 2 hours of initial consulting & discovery services plus 20% our regular consulting rates (we have project-based or ad-hoc task-based variable rates).  Whether you have an IT manager or not, we'd be ecstatic to help you develop a business-savvy Information Technology strategy the "Big Picture" without confusing Business Leader without the typical pure "techy speak"!   From a technical standpoint, we'd be ecstatic to offer you design, deployment, and management of any size Network, Windows Servers, Active Directory, Networking (IP), Internet Security, IT Security, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Email systems, Cloud services migration or adoption, etc.

We look forward to serving you! 

*Must have proof of Chamber membership
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phone: (604) 475-0112
Offer Valid: February 1, 2017September 30, 2017
Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce