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30% off the latest ''customer engagement and retention'' platform & app! Staffino - including consultancy and support. Existing clients have increased their profitability and accelerated their business growth by 150% to 200% - Could you be next?

What is Staffino?

  • It is the latest customer engagement & insights platform, made specifically for service based businesses.

  • It is cloud-based, fully mobile and easy to use, nothing to install no IT knowledge or training required.

Who can benefit from it?

Everyone: literally :-) 

We currently have: restaurants, banks, insurance companies, gas stations, TV stations, utility providers, telecom/ cable /wireless / internet providers, hotels, universities, gyms, spas, car dealers, auto services, transportation, municipalities, and a Hockey team too!

Why you need Staffino?

To make more money:

  • By listening to your customers and keeping them delighted and loyal, this encourages them to spend more and give you valuable testimonials as well as refer your business to their family & friends. 

  • Maintaining a good level of “customer engagement" with your brand, will result in a higher customer retention.

  • Learning more about what your customers really want, enables you to easily customize / personalize your offers, and get a higher conversion rate.

To save Money:

  • No need to offer heavy discounts (for loyalty, engagement, feedback, survey etc.…)

  • Save on Marketing expenses- as there is no better marketing than your existing happy customers.

  • Reduce staff turnover and cost of talent acquisition / training - with Staffino's performance management tools.

  • Stop spending on costly and "difficult to manage" customer loyalty programs.

  • Save money, time and effort by ditching "Surveys" that no one likes!


Other benefits:

  • Easy to use - future-proof tool (cloud-based & fully mobile) with smart dashboards / analytics and performance management.

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) -and customer satisfaction meter, compatible. Beats surveys – hands down!

  • Built-in performance management and rewards to keep your employees motivated and encourage them to compete to delight more customers.

  • Easy & fast deployment, live in 5 business days (or less) no additional software / hardware / no integrations with POS needed.

  • Customer feedback is never anonymous

  • Cost effective! CAD.125 per month for the tri-cities members, no long-term commitment – cancel anytime. 

  • You get local consultancy service and support to make it all work seamlessly for you and your customers. (we have more than 25 years’ experience in the service industry)


(That is 30% off the list price - cost for non-members is CAD.180 per month)

Annual and multi-location deals available too.

*Must have proof of Chamber membership


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phone: (360) 977-7337
Offer Valid: February 1, 2017September 30, 2017
Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce