''Work from Home'' HR Platform (Free during the Covid-19 Pandemic)
Go Paperless! Electronic Employee Records, Leave Management, Scheduling and More...

Sincron HR Software: Work-from-Home Edition

The Sincron HR Work-from-Home edition is currently free. This HR platform was designed by our techs to help organizations go paperless, work remotely, and streamline communication throughout an organization during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The platform includes both an HR and employee portal with the following functionality - organization management, electronic employee records, leave management, scheduling, document upload/tracking for accreditation purposes, organization chart, employee rolodex, SMS/email communication, news article/event posting and more!

Organizations can try the platform for free for up to six months or until the state of emergency is over. Afterward, pay just $30/month for up to 30 employees (add $1 for every additional employee over the 30 person threshold). That money helps pay for the cost and security of the server and maintenance of the software.

Our servers are located in Canada to ensure all data is properly secured and in line with Canadian federal and provincial privacy legislation.

Feel free to contact us and request more information, request a demo, or apply to use the software. We can get organizations operational in 24 hours with this new edition. 

We have packages available should organizations wish to expand the platform to include recruitment (ATS), electronic contract management (to handle complex union/non-union contracts), onboarding, scheduling, performance management, and training. 

Sincron HR Software was formed in 2007 in Bucharest, Romania. The company expanded operations to support clients throughout the EU before expanding to North America three years ago. Here we have focused on expanding the functionality of the software to help organizations (i.e. Social Services sector) optimally set up the software to meet and/or exceed their accrediting body's requirements (i.e. MCFD, CLBC, CARF, etc.) and streamline and automate their HR processes at reasonable costs.

 For more please visit https://na.sincronhr.com/work_from_home/

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