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Alba Plumbing and Heating is focused on providing quality service plumbing and building maintenance in the Tri-Cities. We keep our rates fair and viewable online. We only serve the local area and that allows us to keep our pricing below a lot of the other companies. While we will take on almost any plumbing job imaginable some of our common projects include leaks, plugs, re-pipes, hot water tanks and toilet problems. With over 15 years experience in the local area we know the quirky ins and outs. Our unique understanding of how things were built here allow us to get the work done faster. Things like the 'funny nut', underground service trends and typical home plumbing designs can stump people not familiar with the area. We can identify issues quickly and we stand by our work with a workmanship guarantee of 3 years. That's 3x longer than average. So if you have any issues or questions please call your trusted Coquitlam plumber at 604-942-4510.



Mr. Scott Fleming

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