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DTC Domination: Revolutionizing SMEs with E-commerce Strategies

DTC Domination: Revolutionizing SMEs with E-commerce Strategies

November 29, 2023 (10:00 AM - 11:00 AM) (PST)


DTC Domination: Revolutionizing SMEs with E-commerce Strategies

About the Event


Join Erika Hild of Cubeler Business Hub in this transformative session as she delves into the lucrative world of E-commerce and Direct-to-Consumer business models. In today’s digital-first landscape, mastering online sales channels is indispensable for SMEs.

In this illuminating webinar, Erika will cover:


  • E-commerce Foundations: Understanding the essentials of building a successful online storefront and ensuring seamless customer experiences.
  • DTC Dynamics: Explore the advantages of selling directly to customers, bypassing intermediaries and fostering brand loyalty.
  • Digital Marketing & Engagement: Techniques to drive traffic, optimize conversions and nurture customer relationships online.
  • Operational Challenges & Solutions: From inventory management to shipping logistics, discover how to streamline your e-commerce operations.
  • Networking & Learning: Engage with fellow business enthusiasts, share digital commerce experiences and build connections.


Perfectly tailored for SME owners, managers, digital marketers, and budding entrepreneurs, this session will be a deep dive into strategies to propel your business in the online marketplace. Whether you’re an e-commerce novice or seeking advanced tactics, Erika’s insights will be invaluable. Seize the opportunity to transform your business with direct-to-consumer and e-commerce models. Register now and step into the future of commerce.


About the Speaker




Erika Hild, Channel Partner Manager at Cubeler Business Hub, will be your speaker for this webinar. Fusing her educational background in sciences and visual communications, Erika has a knack for making complex material resonate with audiences. She applies her robust experience in science, visual communications, and social media marketing to develop rigorous marketing strategies that effectively deliver innovative concepts and products. Formerly the General Manager at Dogtopia and Operations Manager at Merry Products, Erika has a proven track record of enhancing interdepartmental communication and collaboration. She is steadfast in her mission to help businesses unlock their full potential. Erika is sure to enlighten you with her unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm.

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November 29, 2023 (10:00 AM - 11:00 AM) (PST)
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