City Of Coquitlam




Local Municipal Government


Mayor Richard Stewart

Mr. Brent Asmundson

Ms. Anita Brent
Executive Assistant to Mayor and Council

Ms. Geri Briggs-Simpson
Community Services Supervisor

Ms. Adele Brooks
Main Receptionist

Laurie Burton

Ms. Sabrina Dekker
Registration Clerk for Aquatic Centre

Economic Development

Danielle Dontchev
Business Development Coordinator

GovernmentGovernment, Education & Individuals
Mr. Jay Gilbert
City Clerk

Amanda Gleave
Film Liason

Ms. Eva Haan
Committee Clerk

Ms. Maryana Heath
Marketing Coordinator for the Leisure Parks and Rec.

Mr. Kevin Henkelman
Corporate Communications

Mr. Craig Hodge

Ms. Michelle Hunt
General Manager, Finance and Technology, Financial Services

Ms. Colleen Hurzin
Economic Development Assistant

Carol Jones
Executive Assistant to City Manager

Eric Kalnins
Tourism Manager

Steve Kim

Ms. Madelaine Lemaire
Utility Control Room Operator

Mr. Dennis Marsden

Nancy Owens
Marketing Coordinator, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services

Mr. Curtis Scott

Ms. Millie Shiu
Office Supervisor of Planning & Development

Ms. Jacquie Shreenan
Traffic Girl

Mr. Chris Siddaway
Sports and Events Supervisor

Ms. Liz Silva
Executive assistant

Mr. Colleen Smith
Communications Coordinator

Mr. Peter Steblin
City Manager

Mayor Richard Stewart

Mrs. Teri Towner

Ms. Rebecca Vaughan
Communications Coordinator II

Ms. Kathleen Vincent

Ms. Karen Wanders
Committees Clerk

Mr. Chris Wilson

Mrs. Bonita Zarrillo

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