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Our process is evolving by the hour. Currently, we feel well situated to handle this. Our process may change, but currently it is as follows: 1. We are still taking new files. 2. We are encouraging, and may soon require, new clients to use our technology, meet us on our schedule, and follow our procedures. Our Technology Our technology is not complicated. We are offering, and may require, that we walk through documents using google hang-outs with video. This is easy and free and most clients won't need to set up an account. Other than land titles documents, we can have most documents signed electronically. Our Schedule We may stack appointments to shorten hours (with gaps in between and proper sanitation between clients). Our clients will have to meet on our schedule. Our Procedures We're prepared to have contact-less signing. This is how that would work. - we review and provide the legal advice via google hangouts. - the client will have to attend our office to sign the transfer and / or mortgage. We can witness through glass without being in close contact with them as required. We could theoretically witness without them even entering our office and they can mail-slot. As we will have already reviewed the documents with them, this is as 30 second process. - for all documents that don't require notarized witnessing, we can send them for electronic signature. - clients can take photos of bank drafts and deposit slips and deposit to our trust account.


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