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Kim White is a distinguished Learning Consultant and the founder and Director of Pacific Collaborative Inc. (PCI). Leading a team of adept cultural change and communications specialists, talented creatives, coaches, and facilitators, Kim and her team champions a unique approach to developing individuals, leaders and teams. Kim and her team help a team confront problems, inspire success and unlock potential when your team needs it most.

Kim has over 23 years of experience as a practitioner of Insights Discovery and has delivered a variety of workshops across North America, Europe and Africa. Insight’s premier personality profiling tool along with its ease in application to improve rapport, relationships and productivity enabling teams to achieve their collective goals. Through the lens of Insights Discovery, Kim and her team unveil comprehensive insights—from individual strengths and decision-making styles to learning preferences and interpersonal dynamics.

Over the years, Kim's extensive work has partnered with organizations ranging from technology to healthcare, and from tourism to sports. Her dedication to excellence, coupled with her team's proven success in both the private and public sector ensures that Pacific Collaborative Inc. remains a beacon of innovation and effectiveness in the realm of organizational development.

Improve rapport, relationships and productivity. Enable teams to achieve their collective goals. Confront problems, inspire success and unlock potential when your team needs it most.

People approach us for Insights sessions for a different number of reasons. Typically their organization has gone through some significant changes, or they’re looking to make some in the near future.

These may include:

  • a recent restructure
  • a change in line management
  • a change in working practises
  • company mergers
  • the need to improve communication
  • the need to improve team dynamics and behaviours

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