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Sandra Horton (Business Transformation Facilitator)

Sandra Horton (Business Transformation Facilitator)


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“My name is Sandra Horton. I am a leadership and change management professional. I work primarily with entrepreneurial companies. They tend to be growing quickly, are innovative thinkers and are open to new ideas. BUT my clients can face the following Challenges: 1. They are not managing growth. 2. They are not performing or being as effective as they may want to be. 3. As a result, they are NOT reaching their daring goals. Therefore, I have created something that I call The Growth Catalyst. “It helps companies achieve their audacious goals for growth.” If you are interested in learning more about The Growth Catalyst, I offer a complementary 90-minute Starter Session which will help you assess your situation and clarify your goals.” “Achieve Your Daring Goals For Growth!”

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Sandra Horton
Consultant, Leadership & Change Management

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